Property in Johor Bahru

Johor’s property market remains highly competitive as more developers jump on the bandwagon, resulting in a crowded buyers’ market. The property market in Johor is not robust like Kuala Lumpur’s, but vibrant.

With property prices in Singapore rising to stratospheric levels and the island republic becoming crowded, it will boost the demand for foreigners to invest in Johor property. While there has been renewed interest from regional investors, including Singapore, the Middle East, South Korea and Japan, the prime mover for Iskandar remains industrial land.
The gross rental yield for factories is now nine to 10 per cent a year compared with seven per cent previously. The higher yield is due to more quality tenants (multinational companies) in the industrial sites, who are willing to pay for better services and quality. Industrial and residential prices had shot up by 15 to 20 per cent in good locations, driven largely by Iskandar.

Hot locations to buy:

1)     Nusajaya

2)     Leisure Farm – Gelang Patah

3)     East Ledang


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